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PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies

Information and advice on the supplies of personal protective equipment during the coronavirus outbreak.

Quick links

Read update on plans to support access to PPE from Department of Health and Social Care
Read considerations for acute PP shortages (sessional use, reuse and alternatives) at GOV.UK
Find out about the government plan for PPE at GOV.UK

Further information

Before ordering equipment, please read the current guidance on the links below:

Residential, home care and supported living guidance at GOV.UK
Guidance on PPE at GOV.UK
Guidance on PP (where no COVID-10 is suspected) at GOV.UK
Advice on shielding at GOV.UK

What steps should I take to order PPE?

Try your normal suppliers
Get in touch with other local suppliers and your own organisation
Contact the PPE suppliers who are listed with the National Supply Disruption Route (NSDR) below as they may be able to help with your organisations supply.

Careshop - Social Care (homes, hospices) -

Blueleaf Care - Social Care (homes, hospices) - 
0330 055 2288

Delivernet - Social Care (homes, hospices) -
01756 706 050

Countrywide Healthcare - Social Care (homes, hospices) -
01226 719 090

Gompels -
0345 450 2420

Nexon -

Wightman and Parrish Dentist -
01323 445 001

Alliance/NWOP- Pharmacy -
0330 100 0448

McKeason /AAH Pharma - Pharmacy-
0344 561 8899

Williams Medical Supplies - GP Surgery -
01685 846 666

Henry Scheln- Dentist -
0800 023 2558

DD Group- Dentist -
0800 585 586

Wright Health Group - Dentist -
01382 834 557

Trycare Ltd - Dentist -
01274 885544

If you choose to purchase PPE from an organisation it is your organisation’s responsibility to as far as practical undertake due diligence.  This includes ensuring items are suitable and whether to use these suppliers as an alternative, in case your regular suppliers are unable to currently provide your PPE equipment.  The Government have produced the following information to help with specification of equipment:

If all the above suppliers are unable to help you, you can contact us for supply of emergency equipment; the address is

You will need to complete the criteria in the request sheet (ODS). Email the completed sheet to, marking the title of the email as 'Urgent PPE request.' Once processed, you will be contacted by phone / email advising if we are able to supply you with an emergency supply of PPE.



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