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Preparing For Emergencies in Essex

Essex is a safe place to live and work.  However, there are a number of hazards and risks that could impact our County.  The Essex Resilience Forum wants to make sure that if a large scale emergency does affect us, we are ready to respond and working together to minimise any impact.

This website has been designed to inform you about the work of the Essex Resilience Forum, which is a partnership of the organisations who respond to emergencies, and to provide you with information which will enable you to prepare yourself, your family, your community or your business to cope with an emergency.

Preparing For EU Exit in Essex

Locally across Essex authorities and public services are working together and planning for us leaving the EU.

We do this as part of local resilience forums (LRFs) which are multi-agency partnerships made up of representatives from local public services, including the emergency services, local authorities, the NHS, the Environment Agency and others. These agencies are known as Category 1 Responders, as defined by the Civil Contingencies Act.

LRFs are supported by organisations, known as Category 2 responders, including the Highways Agency and public utility companies. They have a responsibility to co-operate with Category 1 organisations and to share relevant information with the LRF. The geographical area the forums cover is based on police areas.

LRFs also work with other partners in the military and voluntary sectors who provide a valuable contribution to the forum’s work in being prepared for emergencies.

The LRFs aims to plan and prepare for localised incidents and catastrophic emergencies. Because the method of our exit from the EU is currently unknown the LRF also has a role to play in preparing for what happens when we do.

The organisations which make up the LRF work together to identify potential risks and produce emergency plans to either prevent or mitigate the impact of any incident on their local communities.

The Essex LRF has been planning to mitigate for any disruption that may be caused by the EU Exit since August and has a working group dedicated to EU Exit type issues that may arise.

Further information on how you may be impacted by EU Exit, please view the National Guidance at

Further details of the Essex LRF can be found on the ERF pages.

Our Partners

  • Essex Fire & Rescue Service Environment Agency Essex Police ECPEM
  • Southend on Sea Basildon Council Chelmsford City Council Thurrock Council
  • Braintree Council Rochford Council Harlow Council Brentwood Council
  • East of England Ambulance Maldon Council Tendring Council Uttlesford District Council