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Flooding (Rivers & Surface Water)

Flooding can take different forms and, at its most serious, can affect many different aspects of our daily lives.  Over the coming years rising temperatures and sea levels, and an increase in frequency and severity of extreme weather events, are likely to raise the risk of flooding in the UK.

Excluding coastal flooding, the two main types of flood are river and surface water flooding (caused by excess rainfall flows from or over surfaces such as roads, roofs, patios and surfaces that cannot easily absorb water).  These two types can be grouped under the general description of ‘inland flooding’ as they can and do occur simultaneously.

Consequences of flooding include:

What should you do?  Find out if you are at risk of inland flooding by contacting the Environment Agency on 0345 9881188 or by clicking on the following link to the Environment Agency website:

Risk of Flooding

What should I do next? Head to the sections of this website which will help you to PREPARE if you find you are at risk.

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