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Flooding (Coastal)

The risk of coastal flooding is one of the most significant risks on the National Risk Assessment.  The east coast (from Northumbria to Kent) is under threat from the possibility of coastal flooding caused by a combination of low atmospheric pressure over the North Sea, high tide levels (Spring tides) and northerly gales driving a storm surge down the east coast of England towards the English Channel.

The outcome could be a very large sea surge in the North Sea, with tides, gale force winds and potentially heavy rainfall.  Many coastal regions and tidal reaches of rivers could be affected, from South Yorkshire down the coast as far as Kent.

Consequences of flooding include:

What should you do? Find out if you are at risk of coastal flooding by contacting the Environment Agency on 0345 9881188 or by clicking on the following link to the Environment Agency website:

Risk of Flooding

What should I do next? Head to the sections of this website which will help you to PREPARE if you find you are at risk.

The National Flood Forum is a national charity dedicated to supporting and representing communities and individuals at risk of flooding.  So it might be work visiting their website to see what advice they have.

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